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For iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV!




For beginners:

  • Supaplex CLASSIC - Legendary classic Supaplex!
  • Supaplex SQUARES - Unusual square levels!

For professionals:

  • Supaplex 2 -Complexity and speed!
  • Supaplex GO! - Run. Run! But do not forget to think!
  • Supaplex THINK! - Think! And if you need to - run!
  • Supaplex WOW! - For those who are not afraid of Supaplex 2!

Coming soon on Steam...

Supaplex for


New CONTROLS. (The "eat-with-a-look" feature.)

The feature when MURPHY is still, but takes something from the neighbouring cells of the playing field is used quite often. It is very simply implemented in Mac and Apple TV - with the help of additional keys. We have worked very hard and conducted experiments on how to make it convenient for the iPhone and iPad users. And we've managed! Just tap your finger anywhere on the screen and hold it where you prefer! Arrows will start flashing around MURPHY indicating that he is ready to take something from the neighboring cells of the playing field. Now it is only necessary to specify the destination!

Try it! It is very convenient!

We can say it another way. Take any two levels and you will feel how comfortable and easy it is to play on your iPhone or iPad!

We are working to make things comfortable and easy-to-use! And this is the best, the most optimal and convenient way, which we have created for you!

iOS control settings.

You can change the location, size and brightness of the game control buttons on the screen of your iPhone or iPad to your personal preferences!

Instant saving and loading.

This is an extremely handy feature! Have you completed a difficult part of the game level? Save your game! In the future, you can instantly go back to the last saved game.

Speed control.

It is very helpful when you need to pass a level of the game that requires increased player reactions. If it is difficult, reduce the speed and pass the difficult part.

iPhone and iPad friendly screen orientation.

We left only the landscape orientation of the playing field and removed the portrait one. Long-term testing of the game by many players led us to the conclusion that the portrait orientation gives a bad view and less convenient control of the game. We want SUPAPLEX players to receive only the most comfortable control and fully enjoy this incredible adventure. That's why we are in constant search for new ideas and solutions for you!

Full Mac mode.

The game supports full-screen mode for Mac computers.

Game Sync.

The game is automatically synchronized across all your devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV.